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Restoration Institute Assistant to Director—Work Study Position

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Off Campus Agency
Off Campus Agency Name
Restoration Institute
business. computer. education. religion. psychology,
Agency Address
308 5th Ave West
Oskaloosa, Iowa 52577
United States
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Position Title
Assistant to Director
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Work Location
308 5th ave west
Purpose of Job
Develop young leaders to serve in a community in all aspects in the management of a non profit business
Description of Duties and Responsibilities:
Restoration Institute Intern Job Description for Area College students
Assistant to directorAt Restoration Institute there are a number of ways to serve. We would prefer to have our interns gain experience in many areas to help them be better equipped to serve in whatever career they find themselves in. We are a non-profit business with close a relationship, but not limited to, faith based organizations in and around the 52577 area code. We provide safety gear if needed and tools for the position if needed.
Individuals will be screened to help determine the best fit for us, the student, and their field of study at College.
All interns will be expected to show up dressed appropriately for the position they are preassigned to.
All interns will be expected to maintain a safe, clean work station
Serving customers and volunteers at New Hope Community Center as needed if appropriate
Possible work includes:
Recreation: Oversee elementary and middle school students in the Am and Pm as they get on and off the bus weekdays.
Provide planned recreation mornings and afternoons in the gym with those students who ask for it, earn it, and maintain a supportive healthy environment for all in the area. Assist by helping to plan and oversee monthly youth parties as it fits our schedule.
Wood and metal work: Wood pallet deconstruction and building of usable items for sale to support R.
Basic and Advanced auto repair
Involving students in live music instrument instruction
Serving customers and volunteers at New Hope Community Center as needed if appropriate
Help elderly unload vehicles
Help load and unload moving truck
Maintenance of building
Maintenance of grounds
Required Qualifications:
Students will be interviewed and assessed to determine placement
Work Schedule–Days & Times
We offer flexible hours and days with consideration for the student’s schedule especially around midterms and finals.
Hourly Wage
Employment Start Date:
Employment End Date
Restoration Institute Application 2018
Job Supervisor’s Name
Spencer Thury
Job Supervisor’s Phone Number
(641) 512-5501
Job Supervisor’s Email Address