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General Mathematics

Knowledge + Leadership = Success—It All Adds Up!

William Penn University’s Mathematics Department provides students with the problem-solving, critical thinking, and abstract reasoning skills they need to succeed in the professional world. Students get the one-on-one time and attention they need to really excel.

The General Mathematics program offers students the opportunity to develop and acquire necessary undergraduate knowledge in a variety of related mathematics topics and essential skills to utilize mathematics in changing environments through a mixture of problem solving, application, and fundamental theory. A secondary teaching endorsement and a minor in mathematics are also available.

The Applied Mathematics major allows students to apply what they have learned to other areas of study, while taking fewer math courses. Graduates in this department are in high demand and tend to receive higher starting salaries and more job offers than they expected. Employers, in any job, look for success in math and see it as indicative of strong problem-solving and critical thinking skills.


General and Applied Mathematics graduates have continued their education in graduate school or have found employment within the following areas or companies:

  • Engineers
  • Statisticians
  • Actuaries
  • High school teacher
  • College professor
  • Graduate school (medical and law)
  • Prism Projection
  • Pella Corporation
  • Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • State Farm Insurance 
  • Musco Lighting


If a student is thinking about continuing on to graduate school, but would like to obtain real-world experience to enhance higher education capabilities, an internship will be a great opportunity to explore his or her chosen field. Interning will provide students with a stronger understanding of professional environments, and generate future interview opportunities through job references. WPU students have student taught in the public education system and also interned with Musco Lighting.


Sue Norris, M.A.

Instructor of Mathematics 641-673-1324 Email

Bryce Linkvis, M.A.

Instructor of Mathematics 641-673-1079 Email

Breanne Garrett, M.A.

Assistant Teaching Professor of Mathematics 641-673-1120 Email


The Math Club is open to all William Penn students. Each year, club members organize trips to conferences and symposium, including the Undergraduate Symposium at the Argonne National Laboratory and an annual mathematics conference at Simpson College. A few members will have the chance to spend time working with fellow Penn students or Oskaloosa High School students to enhance their abilities in the field of mathematics.


Penn Hall

As one of the oldest buildings on the university campus, Penn Hall has undergone several transformations over the years; both structurally and functionality. Classrooms are located on all four stories, along with administrative offices located on the second level. All classrooms are easily accessible and are equipped with the tools and technology needed for students to be successful.

  • Administrative Offices
  • Chemistry Lab
  • Classrooms
  • Computer Lab
  • IS Help Desk
  • Service Center & Mail Room


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