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Summer Leadership Institute

Develop your skills!

Join us for two full weeks of leadership skills, interpersonal communication, and problem-solving development!


Come join the fun! William Penn University’s Summer Leadership Institute is a unique experience designed to develop leadership potential through team-building, problem-solving, and effective interpersonal communication.

Our goal is to equip first-time freshman with skills needed to be successful college students and leaders in any endeavor they choose. We are invested in YOU and your success!

Tent Pole Team Building 2

The current dates for the fourth annual Summer Leadership Institute are August 7th, 2022 through August 19th, 2022.

Immediate questions can be answered by either Breanne or Wilton.

Breanne Garrett    641-673-1120   or

Wilton Wright       641-673-1028   or


Other questions concerning Housing can be directed to Heidi Scholes at or 641-673-1084.

Who can I contact about the Summer Leadership Institute?

Immediate questions can be answered by either Breanne or Wilton.

Breanne Garrett: 641-673-1120 or

Wilton Wright: 641-673-1105 or

Any housing related questions can be answered by either Heidi or Tanya.

Heidi Scholes: 641-673-1084 or

Tanya Mammen: 641-673-2123 or

What is the cost for me to attend the Summer Leadership Institute?

The Summer Leadership Institute is fully-funded by William Penn University. There is no additional cost for your child to attend. Housing and food for the two weeks are completely covered. The cafeteria will be open during the two weeks.

What is included in the Summer Leadership Institute activities?

The Summer Leadership Institute will develop the following for first-time freshmen:

  • Team-building skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Effective interpersonal communication
  • Leadership traits
  • and much more!

Will I have to switch dorms after the Summer Leadership Institute?

You will move into the same dorm as you will be living in the fall.

When do I move in for the Summer Leadership Institute?

The move-in date is August 6th, 2022. Stay tuned for more information regarding the move-in date!

There is no additional cost to move in early.

Contact Heidi Scholes for additional times if the time slot does not work for you. Call 641-673-1084 or email

Who can I contact for help with travel related questions?

For help and questions regarding travel, contact Tanya Mammen: 641-673-2123 or

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Sunday, August 7th, 2022 @ 2:00pm
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Ashley Wagamon

I am passionate about people and I love challenges.

Breanne Garrett

Pragmatic, conscientious, and kind person seeking improved conditions for all.

Breanne Woten

Reliable, understanding, and graceful person seeking successful opportunities for everyone.

Chad Seader

I’m a professor and community organizer who writes to navigate life.

Jinha Jenkins

Honest, authentic leader building community through a legacy of service.

Sam Allen Wright

English professor and happy supporter of SLI. 

Sue VanWyk

Creative, Compassionate, strong work ethic, Spiritual, Kind, Fun-loving, Gritty.

Wilton Wright

Husband, father, professor, and movie lover with too many pugs.