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Gift Planning

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Spencer Chapel-frontThe William Penn University Heritage Society was established in 1982 to recognize and honor those persons whose vision and commitment motivate them to perpetuate William Penn University through their estate plans. The requirement for inclusion in the Heritage Society is an indication that an individual has made specific plans to provide for William Penn University in his or her estate. 

When an individual or couple names William Penn University as the beneficiary of:

  • a life insurance policy; primary beneficiary or a percentage of the beneficiary
  • a charitable gift annuity 
  • a specific bequest in your will; a designated provision, a percentage or remainder of your estate
  • a charitable remainder trust
  • or other gift planning instruments,
that friend becomes a member of the Heritage Society. 

Planned GivingGift planning in most cases increases an individual’s spendable income and/or reduces their taxable estate. More importantly, alumni and friends extend their support beyond their lifetimes and for generations to come. Start your journey to Planned Giving now. For information and/or inclusion in the Heritage Society contact Marsha Riordan, Associate Vice President for Advancement at 641-673-1045 or