Student Life


Get Involved at William Penn!

Opportunities abound for students to get involved at William Penn University! With over 40 organizations, clubs and interest groups on campus students can explore ways to enhance their learning experience, discover a new passion or find friends with similar interests. William Penn University strives to create an environment where students have the chance to learn, grow and succeed. Make your mark at William Penn—get involved!  

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Student Activities at 641-673-1024 or

 Club/Organization  Contact  Phone 
 \Alpha Chi  Michael Collins  641-673-1393
Alpha Eta Omega (sorority)   Maddy Ewing  641-673-1342
Alpha Lambda Delta
(Academic Honor Society) 
Sarah Tarbell   641-673-1072
Pre Professional Sciences Club  Janet Ewart  641-673-1119
Business Club  Lonny Wilson  641-673-1118
Campus Ministries  Ron Bryan
James Tower 
College Democrats vacant  
College Republicans Nik Rule  641-673-1047
Dance  Lisa Conner  641-990-0066
Delta Beta Phi (fraternity)   Steve Tucker   641-295-6209
Ecology Club      Pete Eyheralde  641-673-1121
Education Club  Stephen Henderson   641-673-1335
Greek Council Levi Tarbell    641-673-1024 
History Club Stephen Henderson  641-673-1335
InterVarsity  Seth Hedman
Intramurals  Luke Letzring  641-673-2176
Iowa State Education 
Association (ISEA)
Stephen Henderson  641-673-1335
Kinesiology Club  Glenn Steimling  641-673-2171
Blue Coats (sorority)  Sarah Clark  641-673-1067
Marching/Athletic Band  Terry DeJong  641-673-1149
Math Club  Ted McCoy  641-673-1090
Mu Sigma  (local Music Honor Society) Anita Meinert  641-673-1063
Nu Psi Tau (sorority)  Kerra Strong  641-673-1014
(student literary magazine)
Jared Pearce  641-673-2107
Penn Singers  Anita Meinert   641-673-1063
Pep Band  Terry DeJong   641-673-1149
Phi Alpha Theta  Brooke Sherrard  641-673-1350
Pi Gamma Xi (sorority)  Marsha Riordan  641-673-1045
Programming Activities for 
Students by Students (PASS)
Levi Tarbell  641-673-1024
Social and Behavioral Sciences Club Sarah Tarbell  641-673-1406
Residence Hall
Association (RHA) 
Dianne Burns  641-673-2123
(Student Athletic Advisory Committee)
Greg Hafner
Mike Christner 
Sigma Phi Sigma (fraternity)  Michael Collins    641-673-1393
Student Ambassadors  Admissions Office  641-673-1012
Student Government
Association (SGA)
Levi Tarbell    641-673-1024
Super Hero Club Levi Tarbell  641-673-1024
(Technology and Engineering
Education Collegiate Association)
James Smith  641-673-1098
Theta Kappa Epsilon  Ashely Wagamon  641-673-1142
Theta Alpha Psi  Angie Gambell  641-673-1010
Media Club (Chronicle Newspaper, 
KGIC Radio, Video Production)
Matt Wagner  641-673-2170
United World Club  Dianne Burns  641-673-1084
William Penn 
Computer Club (WPC²)
Judy Williams  641-673-1053
William Penn Jazz Ensemble  Scott Cressley  641-673-2121