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Campus Ministry   

Students are encouraged, but not required, to participate in religious life programming. Programming sponsored by Campus Ministries is Christian in orientation and interdenominational in nature. Campus Ministry assists students to explore questions of faith in a nurturing environment and discover spiritual resources to face life's challenges.


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Weekly Events

  • InterVarsity 

    Tuesdays, 9:00 pm • Room 207, PAC 
  • Chapel Service 

    Thursdays, 11:10–11:45 am • Game Room, Union
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes  Wednesdays, 9:00 pm • Room 208, PAC
  • Team Christ     Fridays,7:00 pm, Saturdays,7:00 pm, Sunday, 1 pm • Room 209, PAC  

Activities throughout the school year may include: attending area Christian concerts, speaking engagements at area churches, visiting local churches, attending movies with positive themes in theatres, extra weekend campus ministry retreats, and international campus ministry groups.

 Opportunities for Involvement 2016–2017     

 Join us this year for these engaging and fulfilling activities:   

  • Student Religious Life Organizations
         – InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
         – Fellowship of Christian Athletes
         – Team Christ
  • Small Group Prayer/Topical Bible Studies
  • Weekly Chapel Service
  • Additional Ways to be involved
         – Leadership/Campus Ministry Scholarship
         – Photographers/Writers
         – Musicians/Vocalists
         – Service Projects
         – Retreats


Religious Life Scholarship

For more information, download the PDF for the Religious Life Scholarship.