About Us

Welcome to the 2012–2013 Academic Year at William Penn University!

Ann Fields 2010 GIVE THANKS is my theme for this academic year. Give Thanks started as the theme for my Iowa Yearly Meeting review and since it fit so well, I adopted it for the entire year. And at this time of year, it is especially appropriate. Let me tell you how I happened to select the theme Give Thanks.

As I travel, I listen to NPR. One day NPR had a segment on Kevin Kling, who grew up in Osseo, Minnesota and graduated from Gustavus Adolphus College in 1979 with a B. A. in Theatre. He built his reputation in the Twin Cities during the 1990s with his groundbreaking plays. Kling has become well known for his regular storytelling contributions to NPR’s "All Things Considered".

A prolific writer and vigorous performer, Kling has not been slowed by a birth defect that shriveled his left arm and a motorcycle accident that completely paralyzed his right arm. He is able to play the tuba and is a proud member of the trio Bad Jazz. Created & manages “Interact—Theater of Disabilities”

On "All things Considered", Kling’s talk centered on praying and the role that praying took in his life:

  1. Praying to get things—help me
  2. Praying to get out of things—save me
  3. Praying as thanks—thankful for what we have, not what we don’t have

I decided that it was time for William Penn’s family, including students, faculty, staff, alumni, and Friends, to pray as a way to Give Thanks.


William Penn University is growing, for fall 2012:
  • 906 full-time equivalent (FTE) students on the traditional campus
  • 141 Distance Learning FTE students
  • 524 FTE College for Working Adults students
  • Over 100 students from Mahaska County and students from 40 states and 14 countries, including 6 students from Rwanda
  • Started our first on-line programs—both the Bachelor’s of Business Management and the Master’s of Business Leadership
  • Over 500 students in the dorm in fall 2012—almost a record
  • Full-time Campus Minister who is growing the ministry to our students
  • Bible studies are being conducted not only by the campus minister, but by football coaches, RAs, and individuals throughout the dorms
  • September 18–Fall Convocation, Dianne Randall, Executive Director of the Friends Committee on National Legislation, came and spoke 


5-year Strategic Plan
  • CASPS—1100 enrollment goal, ½ living on campus
    • Expanding marching band
    • Expanding Track and field program
    • Looking at new programs – theater, drama, debate, skeet shooting (over 60 members of the shooting club in Osky), poetry slam
  • CWA—Expanding to 1500 students
    • Off-campus programs through community colleges
    • Targeting military for on-line


  • In order to meet our five year enrollment goal, we were going to need more dorm space so we continued working with a development company in building a dorm. 
  • We leased the land to them and they provided the financing and they are building the dorm. We have a “lease to own” relationship with them. 
  • Started construction on the new dorm, March 29—a cold, windy, wet day
  • We are now on schedule to complete construction by December 14—ready for the spring semester


  • We have a great team of administration, faculty, staff, and coaches.
  • Our football team made it to the national playoffs, joined by the Pride of Penn marching band and cheerleaders, and a host of students, parents, and alumni. Go Statesmen!
  • Board of Trustees working hard to make William Penn successful.
  • All working together to increase enrollments. 
  • With our new facilities, we are ready and able to handle 100 more students. 

Thank you for your continued support in 2013. With prayer, all things are possible. 

God’s love and peace,

Ann M. Fields, Ph.D.